Electrical installation & maintenance in Townsville

About Mazlin Electrical

Townsville’s maintenance and repair specialist since 1990, Mazlin Electrical Services is a locally operated, family-owned business.


Our specialist team of licensed electricians are equipped to maintain and service your smoke alarms, air conditioning, hot water systems, wiring and commercial dishwashers and laundry units.


We also believe that people are too reliant on simply replacing appliances when they start to falter. Our aim is always to repair before we replace, which relieves you of the stress of having to buy new appliances and extends the life of your appliance so that you get the most out of your investment.


On top of being a local specialist, we’re lucky to have secured contracts to repair whitegoods for the Queensland Government in the past. We enjoyed the opportunity to work for our Government, and through this we were awarded Defence Contractor of The Year.

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Why choose us?

Being in business for 30 years is proof enough you are in good hands. We actually diagnose and repair items instead of just replacing with what has become the norm with the majority of our competitors.


Electrical/Refrigeration Industry is not as it was in the 80s, 90s or mid 2000s. The majority of ‘Repairers”, either through lack of training, limited exposure to actual repairing or fear of the unknown, find it much easier to replace your expensive Air-Conditioner than to repair it.

We are different

We are different to the others. Consider this, in the absolute majority of cases that have previously been written off by others, we find the repair to be extremely cost effective. Contact the team at Mazlin Electrical Services for more information.

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Our Community

For a long time, we’ve been installing, maintaining and repairing electrics, appliances and whitegoods in homes and businesses in Townsville. We’re a locally owned business and well-established in our community, which is very important to us.
The team at Mazlin Electrical Services is involved in the community and take part in projects to make our city better. We pitch in when needed and enjoy creating ties with friends and customers in our local area.

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