Air conditioning & hot water systems in Townsville

About our services

At Mazlin Electrical Services, we pride ourselves on not just being a repair and maintenance service but offering a complete range of electrical services to our customers. 


This includes upgrades, commercial maintenance, selling second-hand appliances, and even after hours call-outs within 80km of Townsville. We offer service and advice on all modern energy efficient lighting, Air-conditioning, the latest high tech washing machines and Fridges and any other Electrical or Refrigeration item found in your home.

Did you know we are authorised Fujitsu Warranty agents? We can give you professional advice on your Air-conditioning options and how to achieve your desired result. Being an authorised Fujitsu agent means we can help you with supply and installation of your new Split System Air Conditioning system, as well as provide a warranty service for 5 years. 


Either call into our Office, Phone or email to get the best advice or service. We are here to help and we want to give you peace of mind for your family, home or business.



Repairs & Upgrades

If your fridge, washing machine or dishwasher is broken, our aim is to repair it before we replace it. From whitegoods and kitchen appliances to ceiling fans, power points and switchboards, we can repair any appliance or electrical equipment. Not only that, but if it’s beyond repairing, we can offer you an upgrade done by the same technician.

We’re also authorised warranty agents for Fujitsu, Delonghi and Euro, enabling us to repair your faulty appliances or air conditioning under warranty. Repairing your appliances is better than replacing them as in the long run, it will save you more money. Replacing large appliances is expensive, especially after the costs of delivery and the potential of needing new wiring or remodelling cabinetry.

Service & Maintenance

Maintenance is our specialty, and we service a wide range of systems and appliances such as smoke alarms, hot water units and both ducted and split system air conditioning.

Not only that, keeping your commercial dishwashers or laundry equipment well-maintained is key to your business running smoothly. Avoid the loss of income that comes with having broken down equipment.

Regular maintenance will ensure that your wiring and electrics are fully functioning and don’t pose any hidden dangers to yourself, your family or your business. It will also catch any potential problems before they happen, which will save you money on repairs or replacements.

Sales & Installation

We install recently-purchased hardware such as air conditioning, hot water systems, and TV antennas. Having these professionally installed will save you money over time as poorly-installed systems draw lots of unneeded power and will increase your energy bills.

We also offer good-quality second hand appliances for sale, even though we aren’t an electrical retailer. Each of these come with a 1-month warranty and are great for those just moving out of home, in need of a second fridge or want an affordable option to replace a broken appliance.

Emergency After hours Service

Unfortunately, not all problems pop up between 9 and 5, and faulty wiring, washing machines, or fridges can bring a household to a stop. This can present a danger to yourself or your family, so it’s important to get these problems solved as fast as possible.

Contact our emergency after hours call-out service for any electrical problems that can’t wait until the next day. Servicing a 80km radius from Townsville, our licensed technicians are fast, reliable and affordable.

If you need emergency after hours electrical work, call us today.